that originally focused on the weak overcoming the strong. TRUJITSU concepts help an individual achieve great results with minimal effort.

TRUJITSU is a philosophy, a system that utilizes body movement and mechanics to overcome physical dominance.

A way of playing that allows an average individual to overcome a superior athlete with intelligence. A Blue Print of technical concepts that focus on Brains over Brawn.

The TRUJITSU system is based on concepts that have been successfully proven and tested, not just theorized.

The only way to determine the success rate of a move is by hours of trial and error in the most competitive and rigorous environments to discover what really works.

Every concept and technique in the TRUJITSU system is simplified to bring immediate success. While some systems focus on what is fancy, TRUJITSU only utilizes what is effective.


Jiu Jitsu is a language, and TRUJITSU is the most fluent way of speaking that language.

Jiu Jitsu, meaning "the gentle art", started with the emphasis of technique over strength. However over time, the culture of Jiu Jitsu has faded from its roots with much of the Jiu Jitsu population trying to get Bigger, Stronger and Faster in hopes of finding better success in Jiu Jitsu.

THE "TRUJITSU" MOVEMENT IS FOCUSED ON BRINGING JIU JITSU BACK TO ITS ROOTS. When people once believed the size of your OPponent didn't matter.

Somewhere between here and there the writing on the wall became faded.

TRUJITSU is here to rewrite the letters...
And add a few sentences of its own.


Welcome to the Revolution..

When you see the logo, you are seeing an individual that is learning how to train for Life.