connecting the dots for success.. #1

"It's all in the hips!"

Has this happened to you? Your fighting from your guard, while your opponent is keeping constant pressure or a ridiculous pace moving on top of you.
Finally, you establish the necessary grips and position to tip your opponent over with a sweep.
After all your hard work...Your opponent pops right back up and gains a top position on you again!! If this regularly happens to you, here is why.
You are not controlling the hips.
"it's all in the hips"
Realize with every sweep or "reversal", there are 2 stages.Stage 1 is when you compromise their balance and tip your opponent over.
Stage 2 is when you control your opponents movement so he can't get away from under you.

Long story short..Work the sweeps that keep you closer to your opponents hips and you'll find more successful results.