Don't Get out of line!

 Connecting the dots for success #11

" Don't get out of line! "

That statement almost everyone hears growing up, believe it or not, is a great reference for Jiu Jitsu defense.


Remembering that quote can be what saves you from some of the most common submissions and bad positions your opponent may put you in. Remember the TRUJITSU rule "more important than learning any 1 move, is learning the proper way to move". TRUJITSU is the scientific breakdown of Jiu Jitsu as a language, and this detail is for conversing your way out of bad positions.


When you look at the function of common submissions such as the Bow and Arrow and arm bar, the effectiveness of those attacks is almost completely dependent on the body alignment of both players being perpendicular.


Keeping it simple, when your opponent attacks, immediately line up your body in a parallel position with legs pointing the same direction and life gets easier.


This concept is simple and in some cases you may find yourself falling into this movement by coincidence when scrambling. However if you find yourself trapped under your opponent, paralleling your body should be your immediate interest.


To better illustrate, please see pictures below.

of a couple common scenarios.

1. When your opponent attacks your arm from side control.

Note: step 1 Body position is crossed.  Step 3 shows feet pointed in same direction.


2. When you are trapped in your opponent's side control. 


Once hips are parallel, the opportunity to reverse top player becomes easier. 

Once hips are parallel, the opportunity to reverse top player becomes easier. 

Long Story Short, stay in Line when trapped under your opponent. Unless you are playing guard, the more perpinndicular you are, the easy it is to control you.