Connecting the dots 12.5 (part 2)

Ok as promised, back to solving foot lock attacks, part 2.

Hide your Feet, Hide your Legs.

Defend your Feet! Continued..

Ok, once again imagine yourself getting ready to roll with an opponent that you know enjoys twisting legs and breaking Ankles. What do you do?

Here's a great idea? Pull Guard and play spider guard... ok just kidding.

That would be horrible. Actually every guard that involves your legs being upright and protruding forward is pretty much a bad idea against a leg lock enthusiast.

What guards should you play if you are on bottom?? Guards that hide your feet or allow you to hug your opponent's hips or torso. For example Sitting Guard or Quarter Guard.

However a common approach being used to attack the legs and feet is actually to catch the leg from a Guard position by using a hook to pull the leg or foot away from the body. That's why TRUJITSU rule #10 is important. As discussed previously, Always keep your knees in front of your feet when facing a leg attacker.


It's very simple, keep your feet behind your knee so it's harder for your opponent to reach your feet.

In addition to not letting your opponent grab your feet, don't let your opponent elevate and lift you or get under your base. This is another scenario that often happens when your opponent is playing X Guard. The Guard player lifts up the top player, scoops his leg, and then starts to attack the leg as he pushes the top players body away.

Words don't explain well, so once again please see the pictures bellow to better illustrate.


The beginning of a problem. the left leg is forward and the foot is close enough to hook. 




The Guard player collects the Leg. 


The Guard player pushes legs apart and begins foot lock.



The foot is now caught! 

This is another example of what not to do. 


*Please see illustration below on what to do to if your opponent hooks your Leg. 




  If your opponent grabs your leg, first drop your weight.


Bring your feet together. 



Lock your feet together, and follow the next few steps to pass the Guard.


Underhook the head and push your hips forward.



Turn your body to face your opponent with your feet and legs still wrapped around your opponent's leg, then hug the top leg.



Kick your leg free. 



Complete the pass. 👍


Don't just survive their leg attack, use their attack to pass the Guard.